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This is a must read book,
Family guilde to visiting California State Prisons by Laura D. Frisbee

I wish I would have had this book fourteen years ago when I started my journey into the California State Prisons


The Family Guide to Visiting California State Prisons was written to make it a pleasant and less stressful trip for the families visiting loved ones incarcerated in California State Prisons.

The author has included helpful, valuable information and first hand knowledge from the experiences and problems she encountered in her journeys to visit her family member. Along with the problems, she has also included many solutions that she found helpful in making the trips easier with fewer complications.

Along with the basic information about the California Department of Corrections (CDC) and its rules and regulations, this book describes the 33 California State Prisons and includes a complete listing of what can be found in and around each prison. The list includes: transportation and directions, hotels, motels, restaurants, places of interest, and other things of interest to help make the trip to visit your family member/friend a more pleasant and less traumatic journey.

Other items include sample letters, sample forms you may need, the California Visitor's Handbook, and much more!

If you are planning a visit to any of the California State Prisons, this book is a MUST have for you!