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We Perform ICE Detainee Weddings

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Est. 2008

Rev. Cynthia Richardson ~ owner

Associate Rev. Amanda Nichols-Walker
Associate Rev. Ray Eddlemon

Notary services available.

We will provide Wedding Officiate services for weddings when the bride or groom or both are incarcerated or an ICE Detainee.

At Jailhouse Weddings, we understand that there are many reasons for a couple to get married while one is incarcerated (insurance reasons, to legitimatize the children, money reasons, family visits, true love, wishing to keep the prisoner incarcerated locally, etc.).

Please contact Cindy for full details of what is required and pricing. It is our goal to make your  "Jailhouse Wedding" experience as easy as possible.

We will provide the paperwork required by the County Recorder’s office.

Inmate has No I.D. no problem.

"CERTIFIED COPY OF DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE” if divorced less than one year

We provide Officiate and Notary Public services necessary to preform Inmate and Detainee weddings.

Good luck as husband and wife.